Irrespective of whether your vehicle has normal or electric brakes, you should not make the mistake of ignoring the importance. It is very important that just like any other part of the vehicle, you give the deserving look after and care to this part as well, as it happens to be the first thing to ensure your on-road safety.


You need to be informed whether the part is perfectly working or facing some issues and this can be done with the help of the following points.

• If the system has some flaws, the vehicle would go towards one side when brakes are applied. This clearly reveals that the system is not in a good shape and you need to get it rectified as soon as possible.

• When you stop your vehicle, you experience squealing noise. These sounds are generally heard every time, but if the noise increase as well as it extends, you should understand immediately that the system requires some servicing or maintenance. They are mostly there because of worn-out brake pads that need immediate attention.

• When you apply brakes to your vehicle, they sink softly or become very hard and this happens mostly in case, when lots of air is present in the system and lesser oil. This can be reversed, i.e. oil can be poured and air can be removed and you should also check if the oil is gathering below your car due to some leakage, etc.

• Difficulty in depressing the paddle means there is some serious issue in the setup and it requires immediate attention. This becomes more crucial with electric brakes or power brakes as in these cases; it indicates some leakage in the assist unit as well as in the vacuum system. However, in the normal system, this could be an indication of a minor crack in the brake line.

• If you are experiencing vibration, you should immediately understand that your brakes rotor and pads have worn out.


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