Automobile industry continues to evolve every coming day and newer products are being introduced to increase the safety as well as the driving experience. As far as safety is concerned, the first line of defence is, of course brakes or electric brakes. Apart from this version, you’ll find different other kinds of braking systems and one of them the mechanical braking system.


The mechanically run system is a very common thing that we see in almost 75 percent of vehicles around us. In this system, the stored energy is dissipated as heat with the help of a brake shoe or lining that rubs against the drum of the wheel.

The electric brakes system is completely opposite and therefore, we are going to discuss it below.

In this process, the energy of the rotating part is converted into electrical energy and dissipated by the resistance in the form of heat. However, for this the motor used for the mechanism or the process should have suitable and required characteristics.

There are three types of system and the names are –

  • Plugging
  • Rheostat or dynamic braking
  • Regenerative braking

Let us quickly go through some remarkable advantages of this system.

Alternator Repairs

  • This system is fast and cheap as compared to the mechanical braking system.
  • With this system, there is no maintenance cost like replacing brake shoes periodically.
  • By using this system, you’ll witness a significant increase in the capacity of the system (like higher speeds, heavy loads).
  • Because the energy is returned to the supply, you can experience a drop in the overall running cost.
  • With this system, you’ll observe only the required amount of heat being generated as compared to the mechanical system, where you’ll observe an enormous amount of heat being discharged.

Some disadvantages of this system are –

  • Electric brakes cannot be used to hold the machine after coming to the rest.
  • In that case, the combination of this and mechanical version is needed.
  • During the brake application, the motor has to function like a generator and this is impossible without some specific characteristics.

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