General car servicing on a regular basis is the success mantra behind a car performing optimally and to its best capabilities. According to a car mechanic Sydney, this process involves three major things, i.e. engine oil, oil filter and air filter. Other than these three, you need to take care of several other things to make sure that your vehicle stays in the perfect running condition and some of them have been discussed in this post.

4WD Repairs

These are essentially 10 parts or items that if taken care of would not let your vehicle break down unexpectedly.


Battery water

  • It is important that you check the battery water during every car servicing and update it as per the necessity.
  • This will help you a lot in the long run as your battery life will prolong for sure.

4WD Repairs

Radiator water

  • The next water to check and update frequently is the radiator water as it keeps the engine cool and while updating it, you should not forget to add some coolant to it.

Blue slips

Timing belt

  • To avoid pre-mature car repairs, it is very important that you check the timely belt almost every month.
  • You need to confirm that it is still within the limit before leaving the workshop in order not to get a breakdown.

Belling or bearing sound

  • If there are any sounds of belting such as alternator belting, compressor belting, power steering belting, you should not ignore it at all.
  • You should remove it and belting must be changed if it is scratched.

Air filter housing

Alternator Repairs

  • The next thing to check during car servicing is the air filter housing that should be cleaned and the entire dirt and dust should be removed.

Other than these very important components, a few others to check are –


  • The Water coolant
  • The Alternator
  • Check the oil level such as gear oil, brake oil and clutch oil
  • Plug cable
  • Any leaking hose has to be replaced

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